Cuba Sí – AG Partei Die Linke

Solidarity is the tenderness of the people.

AG Cuba Sí was founded in 1991. The political and material solidarity with the socialist Cuba and the protection, consolidation and development of a societal alternative to capitalism is the main goal of our fellow campaigners. AG Cuba Sí is a part of internationalist movement against war, neoliberlism, fascism, exploitation and discrimination. The fight for peace, and a just world for the preservation of the environment, for the right of the people – in Cuba, Latin America and the whole world – to decide for themselves about their fate, guides our political action.

With our fundraising campaign “Milk for Cuba’s Children” and “Cuba has to Survive” we establish Cuban agricultural projects which not only aim to increase food production but also better work conditions and living conditions for the people of Cuba’s rural areas. In Germany we inform about Cuba, about the actualization of the Cuban socialism and about the negotiations between Cuba and the United States of America. Therefore we organize events, print flyers and publish the newspaper “Cuba Sí Revista”.

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