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Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gesellschaft e.V.

The Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gesellschaft was founded in April 1990 in Berlin. It is an open, independent and democratic coalition of friends of Latin America, which members are interested in having contact to Latin Americans. In a time of increasing hatred against foreigners the society wants to develop appreciation for different cultures and ways of life, wants to counter the globalization of the economy and the culture – especially the Latin American – , and wants to take action to decrease hardship in this area. As co-founder of “Venezuela avanza” – a solid cooperation to support the new Venezuela – the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gesellschaft was engaged in the bolivarian process of Venezuela and other ALBA-countries which where not mentioned in the German mainstream media.



Cuba Sí – AG Partei Die Linke

Solidarity is the tenderness of the people.

AG Cuba Sí was founded in 1991. The political and material solidarity with the socialist Cuba and the protection, consolidation and development of a societal alternative to capitalism is the main goal of our fellow campaigners. AG Cuba Sí is a part of internationalist movement against war, neoliberlism, fascism, exploitation and discrimination. The fight for peace, and a just world for the preservation of the environment, for the right of the people – in Cuba, Latin America and the whole world – to decide for themselves about their fate, guides our political action.

With our fundraising campaign “Milk for Cuba’s Children” and “Cuba has to Survive” we establish Cuban agricultural projects which not only aim to increase food production but also better work conditions and living conditions for the people of Cuba’s rural areas. In Germany we inform about Cuba, about the actualization of the Cuban socialism and about the negotiations between Cuba and the United States of America. Therefore we organize events, print flyers and publish the newspaper “Cuba Sí Revista”.

GLOSMO The System Change

The System Change

Global Modern Society


A programmatic social and political blueprint for a necessary, epoch-making Reorientation of human civilisation with the goal of achieving sustainable development at all levels of global society, a high universal standard of living and finally overcoming poverty, war and the self-destruction of the planet.



Interbrigadas e.V.

Inspired by the militant movements of a rebellious continent which since 2000 gained power in several parliaments and governments, by that ending an era of Neoliberalism, Interbrigadas e.V. organizes since 2006 political brigades to Latin America. Within ten years of work we organized more than a dozen brigades mainly to Venezuela but also to Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador and Germany.

Our understanding of internationalism is grounded in the conviction that those regions in which the political conditions refuse a logic of exploitation and capital accumulation, need theoretic symbolic and practical solidarity – regardless where. We focus our work on Latin America and try to confront the fad-like and short-lived solidarity especially in an era with modern communication technology. We also try to reflect the problems that occur by international cooperation and try to learn from positive and also negative experience.




Internationalistischer Abend

The “Internationalistischer Abend” is a left collective which engages locally work in quarters – but not detached from developments and social struggles in the Trikont – for a just and more human society; thereby focusing on self governed processes and communication within the neighborhood to establish a democratic society bottom up and not top down. By doing so it is necessary to inform about organizational models of social movements and also about progressive organizations of people of the Tricont in the metropolis and to reflect with them solidly.

The events, hearings and debates which are co-organized by us should give insights out of an economical and political perspective into the situation, complemented by video productions about local struggles to render information about those struggles. This gets things straight about the struggles to disprove half-truths and initiates self governed discourses.

Kämpfer und Freunde der Spanischen Republik 1936 -1939 e.V.

We are relatives and friends of the internationalists who defended the democratically elected Second Spanish Republic against the plotters lead by general Franco. Approximately 40.000 volunteers from 53 countries and of different religious believes and world-views fought in international brigades against the troops of Franco which were supported with arms and soldiers by the fascist regimes in Rome and Berlin. We incorporate their legacy to fight for a solidly and just world. We connect with national and international organizations to make active work of remembering and to combine history with recent social and anti-capitalist struggles in Spain and elsewhere: ¡La lucha continua! –¡No pasarán!


Marcha Patriótica Capítulo Berlín

“The desire of the suppressed home is not the same as of the suppressor.”

The political and social movement Marcha Patriótica represents the feeling, the ability to fight and the will for change of millions of men and women of Columbia. In Marcha Patriótica connected people of different organizational sectors from the whole country come together dedicated to the defense of the human rights and inspired by the historic legacy of the Colombian people’s struggles for real and final independence. Our political project is a Colombia in peace with social justice, democracy and sovereignty. We work from different perspectives for unity, in search for the integration for Latin America’s and the world’s people because we know that our country’s problems are a result of a system of domination with no limits and borders.

Netzwerk Cuba e.V.

As Internationalism we understand a progressive, left, and society changing solidarity, as it once occured within the workers movement. We are part of a global movement which engages in a just, fair and self governed development of the people. We engage primarily in socialist Cuba. Our Internationalism aims against the expansive capitalist economic system as the main reason of numerous crises and crimes, against reactionist destructive polity of western governments. For example in Cuba, where they undermine progressive change in Latin America because they benefit from conflicts.



Red Patria Grande – Berlin

Solidarity Network with the people of Latin America and the Carribian

Our basic unifying concept is the perspective on Latin America as a unit of entirity of a continent which different people fight for the freedom from imperialistic shackles. This titanic fight of the latin-american people let occur different leaders who united their goals in different epochs. In the last ten years leaders like Evo Morales, Rafael Correa and Hugo Chavez drew attention. President Hugo Chavez brought the fight for a better world to the international political area: “Internationalism of 21st Century”.

Under this concept and perspective, we as antiimperialists of different kinds unite to help our people by it’s everyday fight where it is necessary. This is the purpose of “Patria Grande”.