24 Oct 2015: Event 4 – Internationalism – outlook and call for action

Event 4 – Beginning 7.30 p.m.:

The conference concludes with a summary of the most important results and a short outlook with respect to the future cooperation and coordination of a modern internationalist movement and its social development objectives. It ends with a call for a coordinated and strong alliance between all progressive forces in the spirit of internationalism.


On the basis of the findings of the first two events, forms and ways of achieving a re-orientation and intensification of internationalist cooperation are addressed here. On the one hand, the debate centres on structured and goal-oriented networking and coordination of the various movements of international solidarity. On the other hand, approaches towards the creation of an internationalist platform with a primary political-ideological focus are discussed, which could allow the bringing together of as many progressive forces as possible, including political parties, on an international level.

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Zum Abschluss des Kongresses werden die wichtigsten Ergebnisse zusammengefasst und entsprechend ein kurzer Ausblick eröffnet in Hinblick auf die zukünftige Kooperation und Koordination einer modernen internationalistischen Bewegung und deren gesellschaftlicher Ziele. Es wird dazu aufgerufen, sich für einen koordinierten und schlagkräftigen Zusammenschluss aller progressiven Kräfte im Sinne des Internationalismus einzusetzen.

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