19 Oct 2015: How can the progressive but also contradictory processes in Venezuela and Bolivia be supported?

Monday, 19 Oct 2015 – Beginning 7 p.m.



Moderation by Felix Wiesner and Boris Bojilov

After success in elections for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia it was obvious that the Latin American continent was undergoing a deep political change. Associations of social movements and political parties voted against neoliberal economy and the elite of their countries, and for left presidential candidates. Especially the poor and marginalized benefited in various ways from the huge social and infrastructural programs and the socialisation of natural resources and means of production.

Together with our guests, Pacha Catalina Guzman (Venezuela) and Ramiro Saravia (Bolivien), we will discuss the challenges and perspectives of international cooperation in the changing process in Venezuela and Bolivia. Ramiro and Pacha will explain the core concepts of the „Revolución Bolivariana“ (Bolivarian Revolution) in Venezuela and the „Proceso de Cambios“ in Bolivia and talk about the their organizations` work and talk about their experiences with their work.

Today 2015, however, the evaluation of teh success of the political processes in Venezuela and Bolivia is not easy and complex. Especially Venezuela is experiencing a deep economic crisis, which threats the basis of the „bolivarian project“. The analysis of the contradictions and difficulties of Venezuela and Bolivia, which are visible in conflicts between movements of the civic and the governing left parties, are a major challenge for international solidarity work.

Together with our guests we want to discuss which kind of international cooperation with Venezuela and Bolivia is reasonable and necessary, especially in times with open contradictions. From which mistakes we can learn and which successes we can develop?

The session will be moderated by Felix Wiesner and Boris Bojilov. Both worked as members of the Interbrigadas e.V. por several years in Venezuela and Bolivia.

Pacha Catalina Guzman is an activist from Venezuela. She is member of the biggest farmers movement (Frente Nacional Campesino Ezequiel Zamora, „FNCEZ“) and urban activist of the youth group „Los Antimantuanos“ in Caracas/Catia. As part of her work at FNCEZ she supports several communal associations (Comunas) in the federal districts of „Apure“ and „Barinas“. She also is responsible for the public relations, international relations and manages cooperation with several Latin American movements such as MST (Brasilia), Frente Dario Santillan (Argentina) and others.

Ramiro Saravia is an activist from Cochabamba, Bolivia. He is co-founder of the international volunteer network Red Tinku. Red Tinku consist of a cultural center in Cochabamba where volunteers from all over the world can live and support different projects. These projects are cultural events, political and ecological discussions and round tables, and many more. This work is supported by urban communities.

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